Thank you for your interest in applying for a position at Splash in the Boro Family Waterpark & Aquatics Center. Please review the job descriptions below to see which position(s) you would like to apply for.

We look forward to hearing from you and please feel free to send us an email the corresponding hiring supervisor if you have any questions.

Application Procedure and Requirements

*All applicants must be at least 16 years old*

  • Complete Application for Employment
    • ALL forms be completed and submitted
  • Make sure to turn in a copy of your CURRENT Drivers License in addition to the application
  • Lifeguards/Swim Lesson Instructors/Swim Team Coach/Aerobics Instructors MUST attach current or previous certifications (if any) OR write when you will be getting certified at the top of the application

How to Submit Application Forms

  • Email to the corresponding supervisor
  • Turn in the completed application in-person at Splash in the Boro (1388 Hwy 24 East)
  • Turn in the completed application In-person at Recreation Department (Honey Bowen Building on Fair Rd – 1 Max Lockwood Dr – Located next to El Sombrero Restaurant & railroad tracks)
  • Fax to (912) 489-1051 (ATTN: corresponding supervisor)

Aquatic Positions:


Supervisor/Contact Info: Aquatics Program Supervisor, Jenna Campbell or 912-489-9089

  • Position: Lifeguard
  • # of Openings: 120-130 positions available for Summer season / 25-30 positions available for year round
  • Position Opens/Closes: February – until filled
  • Job Description: Employees will be responsible for the safety of all patrons at our facility by preventing and responding to emergencies while providing excellent customer service.
    • Enforce rules & maintain constant and proper surveillance of facility
    • Maintain all knowledge of skills necessary to be able to perform in accordance to the standards accepted by our facility
    • Respond immediately and appropriately to incidents/accidents and complete all reports as necessary
    • Comply with departmental policies & procedures while maintaining a high standard of customer service and presenting a professional appearance and attitude always
    • Complete equipment inventory and safety inspections
    • Perform facility maintenance duties to maintain a clean and safe facility
  • Other Info: 
    • Lifeguard certification required
      • Splash offers multiple Lifeguard courses through April (with the first few courses discounted) and certifies through Starfish Aquatics standards (Call 912-489-9089 to register or for course information; you can also visit Lifeguard Courses for more info)
      • Non-Starfish Certifications accepted, but must be up to date and certification must be included with application.
    • Flexible scheduling with multiple shifts offered and ability to get up to 40 hours a week during the Summer
    • Starting pay is above minimum wage (Additional certifications may increase pay)
    • Must be good at interacting with general public, outgoing, capable of enforcing rules consistently and constantly, responsible, and be able be a team player
    • Great opportunity to meet alot of great co-workers, improve on leadership and team building skills, build your resume to show you are responsible and a role model for kids!


  • Position: Swim Lesson Instructor
  • # of Openings: 25-30 swim lesson instructors hired each Summer /10-12 positions available for year round
  • Position Opens/Closes: March – until filled
  • Job Description: Employees are responsible for facilitating swim lessons and teaching water safety
    • Must prepare lesson plans to maintain a quality program and insure goals are met
    • Instruct lessons based on the standards of our facility
    • Complete daily reports (attendance, skills checklists, etc.)
    • Provide swimmer evaluations
    • Assist with facility cleanliness, maintenance, and safety
  • Other Info:
    • Swim Instructor Certification must be obtained through Splash
      • Must be available to attend certification course through Splash in May
    • Swim lessons are huge part of the aquatic programs offered year round at Splash and we pride ourselves in hiring and training personable, friendly, and passionate instructors!
    • Previous experience in instructing, teaching, or working with kids is preferred


  • Position: Swim Team Coach
  • # of Openings: 1-2 positions available for the Summer season
  • Position Opens/Closes: March – until filled
  • Job Description: Employees will plan and coordinate activities to provide a structured swim team program.
    • Conduct yourself in a professional manner as a positive role model
    • Provide instruction to improve technique and time
    • Monitor the safety of everyone participating in the program
    • Complete daily reports as needed (attendance, time trials, etc.)
  • Other Info:
    • We offer a non-competitive year round swim league as well as a competitive Summer league


  • Position: Water Aerobics Instructor
  • # of Openings: 1 position available
  • Position Opens/Closes: March – until filled
  • Job Description: Employee is responsible for developing and conducting different types of aquatic aerobics classes.
    • Arrive on time to teach & prepare effective workouts using equipment and music for the class
    • Conduct safe, quality, and enjoyable classes
    • Assist patrons, answer questions, and maintain a positive environment for patrons to exercise
    • Keep management informed of facility and equipment needs
  • Other Info: 
    • Exercise Certification required (no specific organization or certification in particular)
    • We are looking for instructors who are willing to help us create fun and exciting excercise classes within the aquatic environment!